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5 reasons to install a slat wall in 2024

I’m not usually a fan of trends, but there’s one look that’s been reimagined that I think you will keep seeing in homes and your favourite businesses.

I’m talking about slat walls. 

They’re rich, multi-tonal wood wall installations that elevate a space and create a whole new ambiance, adding layers of warmth and visual interest.

Yes, slat walls can be overdone. And they can be done badly — especially by well-intentioned DIY enthusiasts.

But when done the right way, slat walls can be an optimal canvas for both function and style, no matter your design style.

Here are 5 reasons to consider adding this design element to your space.

1) slat walls add warmth, texture and architectural pizzazz

Whether applied horizontally or vertically, wood slats can be like a warm hug for your walls, bringing in that cozy vibe you crave in the winter and a spa ambiance in the summer. 

The different layers play with light and shadow, giving your room a whole new depth. Whether you’re aiming for a rustic snug or a modern marvel, slat walls take your room from 'meh' to 'wow' in no time, adding a touch of elegance to your space.

2) Slat walls are easy to install 

One of the things I love most about slat walls is how ridiculously easy they are to install, especially if you get prefabricated panels that require only basic tools such as screws, a drill, and a level, minimizing the need for meticulous measurements and planning.

I’ve used Willow Panels from Andor Willow in a few projects. They come in sets of two panels that are already fully assembled, with each slat securely attached to a felt backing.

The panels come lacquered with a clear satin finish so you don’t have to mess with staining and finishing the wood. 

3) slat walls can improve acoustic balance in a room

Another benefit of the Willow Panels is the felt backing, which helps to dampen the sound and reduce echo in a room. This can be a great application in a TV room or a bedroom where you need some peace and quiet.

4) Slat walls can be very budget friendly 

Yes, you can spend a fortune having a carpenter custom cut and install each individual slat. But installing panels cuts the required investment significantly.

If you are handy and have the right tools, you can also create the slats yourself with a sheet of plywood with a layer of wood veneer. Paint the wall behind it whatever colour you want and use one of the cuts as a spacer between the slats.

5) Slat walls are versatile

At the core of the allure of slat walls is their adaptability. They transcend design boundaries, effortlessly integrating into various styles — whether it's the clean lines of minimalism, the rugged charm of industrial aesthetics, or the warmth of rustic decor. 

Depending on the material and how they’re applied to your walls, you can consider incorporating hooks, shelves, baskets, and other accessories, which contribute significantly to the functionality of this design feature while adding an element of visual interest to spaces.

Clients considering slat walls often worry about their compatibility with existing decor. But remarkable ability to harmonize with diverse design themes.

In modern kitchens, they offer sleek storage solutions for cookware or provide an opportunity for hanging greenery, seamlessly blending function and aesthetics. In living areas, they can carve out cozy reading corners adorned with shelves of books and tasteful embellishments. You can even create this look outside effortlessly transform outdoor areas like a patio into an inviting retreat layered with lights and greenery.

So there you have it — a practical and visually appealing solution that can help you achieve a great balance between functionality and style.